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(West Coast District)
SALARY : R122 595 per annum
CENTRE : Citrusdal Hospital

REQUIREMENTS : Minimum requirement: Basic literacy and numeracy. Experience: Appropriate experience of transporting personnel and goods. Inherent requirements of the job: Valid (Code B/C1/EB) drivers license. Valid PDP (must be valid at the time of the closing of the post). Must be physically fit and able to load/unload heavy goods/equipment. Willingness to do standby for the transporting of blood after hours (weekends and public holidays). Competencies (knowledge/skills): Must be able to speak clearly and legible. Must be able to speak in two of the three
official languages of the Western Cape. Knowledge of Transport regulations (Handbook 1 of 2019). Ability to accept accountability, responsibility and to work independently. Must be able to read and write accurately.

DUTIES : Daily transporting of official passengers, post, packages, medication, goods and equipment as well as completion of logbooks. Deliver and collect blood products. Conduct routine inspection, maintenance, cleaning of vehicles and report any defects. Perform routine administrative duties when required and respond to emergencies when necessary. Relief staff within the component when required.

ENQUIRIES : Mr SP Cupido Tel No: (022) 921-2153
APPLICATIONS : The Manager: Medical Services, Citrusdal Hospital, Private Bag X14, Citrusdal, 7340.

NOTE : No payment of any kind is required when applying for this post.

CLOSING DATE : 17 September 2021

NOTE : It will be expected of candidates to be available for selection interviews on a date, time and place as determined by the Department. Kindly note that excess personnel will receive preference.


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