Privacy Policy

Privacy & Policy


Advise to Jobseekers

Jobseekers have option on Jobcare platform to keep their resumes private.

As a Jobseeker we advise you not to meet with employers in private for interview or any meeting


Employers & Recruiters must have a registered Company before we can approve their Job adverts on Jobcare platform

It is the responsibility of the employer to call Jobseekers for Interviews, not our responsibility

Employers who don’t comply with our privacy & policy terms, their accounts will be suspended for a period of a year

How do you know job scams? try to avoid job scammers

  • Before you continue browsing job offers online please read the alert about job scams in your country, try to avoid job scams
  • The scammer contacts you by email, letter or phone and offers you a top job that requires very little effort. try to avoid job scams like such
  • The scammer will contact you to request money for training, your banking details, ID number and address, such you must avoid.
  • Because if you provide them with your bank details the scammer will use them to steal your money
  • Be careful of this work from home jobs offers that requires upfront fee before you start working with the company.
  • If the employer task you to work from home you need to first do research about the market of what the employer is selling
  • Do not deal with an employer or company that does not have a street address
  • Avoid job scams Job-seekers, protect yourselves from scams at all times- Career advise and tips by Jobcare to help Job-seekers
  • Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order
  • Never agree to transfer money for someone else for employment because it is a criminal offence
  • Before you proceed with the  job application, take a look at the list of job scams that have caught many people off-guard.
  • For some job offers you will be told that there is no experience or qualification required to do the work though you will be working with numbers and computer.
  • For any company is in need of qualified candidates in order to keep business moving, being qualified may not be only tertiary qualification but skills, hard work and ability to do the work to be helpful in the company