Phandulwazi Agricultural High School: Farm Foreman

Phandulwazi Agricultural High School: Farm Foreman

The Department of Education in Eastern Cape invites candidates to apply for Farm Foreman job at Phandulwazi Agricultural High School.

Phandulwazi Agricultural High School: Farm Foreman

Programme: Schools Support Staff (EMIS 200200684)
SALARY : R181 511 – R213 912 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : Amathole West: Phandulwazi Agricultural High School


A Senior Certificate. Three (3) years’ Experience as General Worker would be an added advantage. Knowledge of basic safety precautions in handling hazardous material / liquids. Event services / preparations, Use of cleansing equipment, Maintenance / care of cleaning equipment.

Must be honest and work with integrity. Be professional and self-driven. Good communication skills
(written and verbal skills).

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Execute routine activities in respect of crop production which would inter alia include the following: – Irrigation of crops, Soil cultivation and preparation e.g., Cleaning, Ploughing, etc.

Apply chemical crop protection e.g., operate a knapsack Reaping, grading, weighing, packing and storage of a farm produce Daily tending of crops/ orchards/ vineyards e.g., pruning, weeding etc.

Execute routine activities in respect of livestock which would inter alia include the following: – Care for sick livestock, Dipping, vaccination & dosing, assist with calving, lambing, hatching etc. Count livestock, Shepherding, moving, weighing of livestock, Slaughtering, culling, Weighing, milling, mixing of feeds,
Stacking, and storing of fodder and feeds, Feeding, Milking, Cleaning of water troughs for livestock.

Execute general routine activities which would inter alia include the following: – Cleaning of facilities, Disposal of farm waste material, provide water supply for livestock and farm buildings, Care for equipment e.g., cleaning, oiling, sharpening etc. Firefighting and prevention, opening of springs, troughs and unblocking of drains, Loading/offloading.

Execute general routine activities in respect of infrastructure which would inter alia include the following: – Maintain and build roads, fences, pipelines, canals, dams, drinking troughs, animal housing, buildings etc. Maintain windmills and water supply system.

ENQUIRIES : School Principal at (082)200 7645
For e-Recruitment Enquiries, email to:

How to apply

Applications are submitted using one of the following options: The eRecruitment System which is available at:

The system closes at 23:59 on the closing date. To Report technical glitches, or for any assistance regarding the system, and/or for activation of your profile / password, send an e-Mail with your ID Number, your profile email address, and give details of the issue to: (NOT CVs).

The technical support is limited to working hours: (08:00-16:30 MonThurs and 08:00-16:00 on Fri). Should you submit your applications to and not as specified, your application will be regarded as lost and will not be considered.

Post to: The Director: Human Resources Administration Services, Eastern Cape Department of Education,
Private Bag X0032, Bisho, 5605 Provincial Treasury, Private Bag X0029, Bisho, 5605. Applicants are urged to submit their applications as instructed. Head Office Enquiries – Ms NP Sipahlanga Tel No: 040 608 4245

CLOSING DATE : 10 February 2023

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