SASSA Grants To Increase

SASSA Grants To Increase.

Details of the grant will be included in the 2023 budget to be presented by Finance Minister Enok Godongwana on 22nd February.

Sassa R350 SRD Relief Grant

SASSA Grants To Increase

In December 2021, the Department of Social Development (DSD) published the Expert Panel’s report on Basic Security.

BIS Expert Team Recommends Government to Phase Out Basic Income Subsidies, Starting by Institutionalizing Existing COVID-19 Social Relief Subsidies and Forming Platform to Expand BIS System Did.

An expert panel was set up as part of an initiative by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and his DSD to explore the relevance and feasibility of basic income subsidies to South Africa.

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To ease the rising cost of living, President Ramaphosa has also announced that the government will continue his SRD subsidy for his R350, which had been extended until March 2024. R350 Social Distress Relief Grants (SRD) now reach approximately 7.8 million people nationwide.

The government introduced SRD subsidies in May 2020 as an interim measure to address the needs of the most vulnerable affected by COVID-19 related lockdown measures.

The president noted that millions of South Africans are unable to support themselves and their families, and that rising costs of living are exacerbating poverty and inequality.

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“It is the duty of the state to ensure a minimum level of protection that no South African falls short of. Currently, he has more than 25 million people in our country receiving some form of income support. “We will definitely increase existing welfare benefits to cushion the poor against rising inflation. This will be decided by the finance minister in the budget,” the president said. 

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