Sassa Relief Grant Status Check

Sassa Relief Grant Status Check.

Learn how to check Sassa Relief Grant Status in 2023, It’s so easy to check status and payment dates while using the steps provided.

Sassa Relief Grant Status Check

How to check the status of your Sassa r350 from the website:

You can check Sassa’s status at SRD SASSA Gov za Login. Here are the steps: You should follow these steps:

Step 1:

You can check the status of your application at the following link. https: // is the direct path for Sassa status checks. Go to the web page or go to the Sassa SRD r350 website and scroll down the page until you find the tab with the text “My Application Status” and press the button.
Click here to check online. //

Step 2:

Enter your name and the phone number registered on your ID (identity verification document) in the designated fields.

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Step 3:

Click the “Send” button. Wait for the next page to finish uploading. Step 4:
From the status dashboard, select the month you want to see Sassa’s unemployment benefits status. A drop-down menu appears with information about whether the request has been approved, rejected, pending, rejected, or canceled by Sassa officers.

Step 5:

If your application status results in an approved scholarship, check to see if there is a pay date. The payment date is the date you received payment from her Sassa with your chosen payment method, either by bank account, post office, or cash.

A beneficiary using a bank account will also receive her SMS notification on your phone number when the bank transfers the grant. Beneficiaries who withdraw Sassa Grant amounts by mail can receive payments at retail outlets such as Shoprite, USAve, Pick and Pay and Boxer Stores nationwide by simply using the last three digits of their ID number . Unfortunately, these days he no longer uses the mail method to pay for his SRD R350 grant. 

Check Sassa SRD Status

What to do if Sassa R350 Relief Grant Status check failed?

If the details provided by the user do not match the Department of Home Affairs database, the applicant may have submitted incorrect details. Therefore, the application status check failed. To solve the issue submit correct details.

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