When will sassa R350 srd grant end?

When will sassa R350 srd grant end?

The COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant – which is also approved for supply of R350 – will be extended until March 2024.

When will sassa R350 srd grant end?

SRD grant extended to March 2024.

This is because authorities continue to prioritize supply alternatives and have no choice but how to finance alternatives.

Finance Minister Enok Godongwana announced the expansion of the facility as part of a mid-term budget policy statement presentation to parliament on Wednesday afternoon.

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“The provision of SRD was added in May 2020 as a short-term measure to address the wishes of the most vulnerable people affected by [COVID-19-related] lockdown measures. Extended in various cases. The debate about the future of care is ongoing and involves very difficult trade-offs and funding decisions,” he said.

As a result of the extension of SRD subsidies, various social services such as pension commitments and disability benefits will expand less than inflation.

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According to the Ministry of Finance, the supply of SRDs is expected to increase by at least €8.8 million annually, with the economic impact projected to reach around R64.9 billion in the 2030/31 financial year, and the sustainability of public funding. influencing the possibilities.

Deviating from this assessment, Godongwana said the indefinite continuation of the supply would have serious implications for the financial balance.

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Reiterate that, notwithstanding the provision in this budget, permanent expansion or replacement would require a permanent increase in revenues, a discount rate for spending elsewhere, or both. increase. 

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