Child Support and R350 Social Distress (SRD) grant for Increase

Child Support and R350 Social Distress (SRD) grant for Increase.

“Since 1994, no form of government-provided social assistance has helped reduce poverty,” said EFF President Julius Malema. because it breaks away from”.Archive photo.

Child Support and R350 Social Distress (SRD) grant for Increase

EFF leader Julius Malema reiterated calls for better welfare, saying R350 a month or he said R450 a month would not allow children and adults to survive and thrive.

MPs debated the National (Sona) speech on Tuesday, following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech last week. Debate continues Wednesday. During the debate, Malema criticized Ramaphosa for extending the R350 Social Distress (SRD) grant for another year.

“The fact that nearly 20 million people in South Africa are on welfare is no reason to celebrate, especially given that welfare does not help eradicate poverty,” said Malema.

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He reiterated that subsidies should be increased, but this would not be a permanent solution.

“Without work, many people are doomed to poverty. In a country where the cost of living is rising, neither a child nor an adult can survive and thrive on R350 or R450 a month.

“The form of social assistance that the government has provided since his 1994 has failed to reduce poverty because it cannot create jobs and lift people out of poverty forever. .”

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In his Sona speech, Ramaphosa said the government would continue to subsidize his SRD, which affects about 7.8 million people. This is intended to combat the rising cost of living.

“We will definitely increase the existing social security to protect the poor from rising inflation. This will be decided by the finance minister in the budget,” he said. “Work is underway to develop a basic income support mechanism aimed at those most vulnerable within budgetary constraints. It will build on the innovations introduced through the SRD grant. It involves linking the data we hold across to ensure it reaches everyone who requests it.

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“The Treasury is studying the feasibility of emergency measures to reduce the impact of load shedding on food prices.” 

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