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Cover Letter Template

Cover Letter Template Word, you need it to Apply for jobs. Most Employer would like you to express and convince them why they should hire you.

Cover Letter Template

Why Covering Letter? It provides further detail on how your skill set aligns with the role, what you can bring to the team and why you want the position. Cover letters allow recruiters and hiring managers to develop a better understanding of your suitability for a position. South African Government Departments uses Z83 form as part of covering letter. Many companies today would ask you to include cover letter as part of your application.

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If you have Microsoft Word on you device, Open then Go to File > New. In the search box, type Cover Letter. Double-click the template you want to use and start editing or alternatively you can download this template below for free.


If you don’t own a copy of Microsoft Office or a subscription to Microsoft 365, you can still access cover letter templates. These templates are free and editable online, all you need is internet if you don’t have the program in your device.

Disclaimer: kindly be aware that the content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be used for personal professional advice.

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