Should Sassa introduce basic income grant

Should Sassa introduce basic income grant.

Millions of SA Social Security Administration (Sassa) beneficiaries will receive grants later this week.

Should Sassa introduce basic income grant

Sassa confirmed the date that the recipients will receive their grant in March. All grants other than R350  social relief of distress (SRD) payments can still be picked up at the Post Office.

Where can I receive my payment?

R350 SRD Grants can be picked up at Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, USAve and OK Foods stores.

The SA Post Office (Sapo) and Sassa advise grants recipients to select this payment option in their application when applying for a grants.

How Social Security Will Change After the Budget Speech
Old age and disability, child support and care benefits are all increasing.

Those who received her R350 grant from the Post Office should go to and select the option to receive the grant from one of her supermarkets.

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Beneficiaries of SRD grants approved and selected for payment via Postbank or Cashsend are encouraged to open a bank account.

“Customers whose SRD has been approved but have not been given a payment date in pre-January status and who choose to pay via Postbank or Cashsend should open a bank account to expedite their payment. We recommend uploading it to your system,” Sassa said.

R350 grant extension

Finance Minister Enok Godongwana delivered a budget speech last week. He said R66 billion has been set aside for social development, of which R36 billion will finance R350 SRD grants extended to March 2024.

Over the medium term, more than 60% of his interest-free spending will be spent on social wages, while spending on fixed structures such as buildings, roads and dams will rise from R62 billion this year to R62 billion in 2025. said it would increase to R104.2 billion. .26 R30 billion will be used to increase other inflation-linked social benefits.

From 1st April his old age and disability allowance will be increased by R90 and on 1st October it will be further increased by R10 for a total allowance of R2,090.

Child allowance he will be raised from R480 to R510 on October 1, and care allowance will be raised from R1,070 to R1,130 in the same period.

Should the State Introduce Basic Income grant?

Yes, the grant will help millions of unemployed people

No, I need a job, not a grant

Only if we have money. 

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