Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2024-2025 for Youth

Applications for Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2024-2025 are currently open for Youth in Africa.

Application Deadline: 21 April 2024

Mandela Rhodes Scholarship 2024-2025 for Youth

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship is a life-changing leadership journey. The scholarship combines financial support with a leadership programme that will challenge you, grow you, and connect you to young African changemakers – just like you.

More about the Scholarship

The The Mandela Rhodes Foundation programme is built on the founding principles of reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, and a belief that leadership begins with inner transformation. The main aim is to keep Nelson Mandela’s legacy alive by equipping young African leaders with the competence and courage to transform the continent into a place where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive. Yes the programme is delivered primarily through a series of week-long residential workshops which you will attend during your time in residence.

When it comes to Financial Support:

The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship offers comprehensive funding for the core costs associated with your studies. It covers tuition for a one-year Honours degree or a two-year Masters degree in any field at a recognised South African institution of higher education. This includes tuition and registration fees, allowances for study materials, research, and medical aid, accommodation and meals, personal allowance and economy class travel to and from your home country to your South African university at the beginning and end of your degree. You will also receive a personal allowance.

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To benefit from Mandela Rhodes Scholarship programme you must be curious about doing the personal, internal work of leadership. This means a commitment to developing self-awareness by engaging with difficult parts of yourself, an openness to learning from the diversity and differences in your cohort, and a willingness to explore and embrace complexity within yourself, others, and the systems around you.


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Important: Applicants from outside South Africa may need to complete SAQA verification to start their studies at a South African university.

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