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SALARY : R176 310 per annum (Level 05)
CENTRE : DOD Ammu Sub Depot, Naboomspruit (X3 Posts)
93 Ammu Depot. Jan Kempdorp (X2 Posts)
DOD Ammu Depot School of Mun, De Aar (X3 Posts)


REQUIREMENTS : Grade 12 certificate or equivalent. Relevant experience in Logistics/ Procurement. Possession of a driver’s license will be an added advantage. Special requirements (Skills needed): Planning and Organizational skills, Basic Communication skills, Basic computer skills, Basic problem solving skills, Record keeping skills and Basic Report writing skills.

DUTIES : To ensure an accounting service wrt Logistical Support Services to enable Special Forces Capability at unit level by means of sound management and administration. Assist Accounting Clerk with the internal management and administration of the accounting department: Inspect accounting procedures of equipment and stock. Inspect the filing of vouchers to ensure compliance to policy and procedure: Ensure vouchers are filed according to voucher series. Ensure all relevant signatures are
present on vouchers. Ensure all voucher are finalised according to policy. Ensure adequate control over vouchers wrt movement (registers). Ensure implementation of corrective actions where identified. Assist with the verification of stock and the submission of the prescribed documentation. Facilitate accountability and responsibility of stores and equipment. Prepare documentation for handing and
taking over. Assist with verification of stocktaking for handing and taking over. Investigate discrepancies: Ensure signing of both parties. Assist with key control according to policy and procedure. Assist the Verification Officer with the management of the annual stock take. Assist with the printing of discrepancy
vouchers, under management of the Verification Officer, for the accounting of differences in stores received. Finalise all RV’s. Fin all IV’s. Execute bin maintenance. Summary of all items on loan/laundry services. Accounting section voucher series complete and correctly filed. All disposed stock written off main account. Assist with the receiving of stores by printing, managing, finalisation and filing of Receipt Voucher. Assist with the issuing of stores by printing, managing, finalisation and filing of Issue Voucher. Assist with Bin Maintenance on ledgers when effectuating vouchers. Assist with the accounting of ammunition according to policy and procedure: Print issue voucher. Print expense certificate. Ensure unit
part 1 order attached to voucher. Ensure Batch and RAIN number printed and confirmed on voucher before finalisation. Finalization of voucher. Manage Personal Equipment Registers of all members: Voucher filing. Summaries. Execute Quality Control over the execution of accounting log support activities and tasks. Ensure preparation of allocated Log Pers. Monitor quality standard of documentation.
Internal management of the departmental staff. Assist with the establishment and maintenance of a quality management system. Conduct HR admin for subordinates.

ENQUIRIES : DOD School of Catering, Private bag X1027, Thaba Tshwane Pretoria, Lt J.T. Madie Tel No: 012 674 5099 / 674 5102.


APPLICATIONS : Department of Defence, 93 Ammu Depot Quarters, Private bag X1, Jan Kempdorp, 8550, Capt M.D.R. Phakalasane Tel No: 053 830 9650 / 053 830 9737

CLOSING DATE : 04 March 2022, (Applications received after the closing date and faxed copies will
not be considered).

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